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Ragging is a Social Crime

Anti-Ragging Committee:


The Anti-Ragging Committee remained vigilant in preventing and addressing incidents of ragging. We organized awareness campaigns, orientation sessions, and workshops for both new and existing students. No reported incidents of ragging were recorded during the year,indicating a positive and safe campus atmosphere.

Grievance Committee:

The Grievance Committee actively addressed concerns raised by students, faculty, and staff members. The grievances received, covering various issues such as academics, facilities, and interpersonal matters. These grievances were resolved within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring a timely resolution and fostering a culture of open communication.

Internal Complaint Committee:

The Internal Complaint Committee continued its efforts to ensure a harassment-free campus.
It conducted sensitization sessions and training programs on gender equality and prevention
of harassment. These were resolved effectively, maintaining the dignity and safety of all the
students and members of the college community.

ZERO Tolerance Policy

St. Wilfred’s P.G. College is committed to a Zero Tolerance towards Sexual Harassment /Ragging, Grievances, bullying. Our institute is committed to provide an environment in which Students, Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff can work together with full satisfaction. In pursuance of this commitment our college has Constituted many Committees
like Anti-Ragging Committee ,Internal Complaint Committee ,Grievance Redressal Committee ,as per the relevant provisions of the Sexual harassment of the women at work place Act,2013.The Institute provides a Mechanism, by which Complaints can be dealt carefully and also suitable disciplinary action can be taken. In addition to this, the Committees organize various awareness sensitization programmes for the students to prevent such cases in campus. Programs like Nukkad natak, Guest Lectures, Workshops, debate, poster making competition etc. The College is pledged to treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect.